Enter an all-new VR Metaverse

Bring your NFTs
to life!

NFTs shouldn’t just be stored in your wallet! MomentX allows you to empower your imagination!

A metaverse of

Your showroom can have artworks, models, become modeled with interactive effects and become a place to make social connections!

Anything can
become digital art.

Artwork uploaded by creators can be turned into NFTs and then become collector’s items, traded, and put on display in MomentX.

News & Events

Genesis Tablets: only 1000 available for Early Access!

Road map


Phase 1:Genesis

  • Early Access NFT:

    Whitelisting, Presale, and Opensale. Join us and be our first citizens. More Details

  • Early Access and Genesis NFT Minting

  • Claim Your Personal Real Estate in the Metaverse.

    Express yourself by importing and showing off your NFTs.

  • Master of Creations (Create to Earn)

    We Provide NFT minting tools, and run contests to reward the best creators.

  • NFT Collector showcase contest.

    We will hold seasonal events rewarding our best collectors.

  • Blockchain Specific Platform Collaboration Events

    Contests and events with platforms that use Ethereum, Tezos, BSC, and Flow!



Phase 2:Remaking Civilization

  • Re-create yourself: your own avatar.

    Customize an avatar in Virtual Reality that represents you in MomentX Metaverse.

  • Building Relationships: Creating a Social Experience

    In Q4 2021 you had a room that you could decorate to express yourself the way you wanted. Here you’ll be able to engage with other players the way you want at the locations you want.

  • Build your City: Build to Earn

    In this phase, creators will be able to design more interoperable content and earn from each other in-game.

  • The City of Cities

    We will have seasonal events that reward the best built cities to celebrate the expansion of the MomentX Metaverse.

  • Web VR support for PC and laptop.



Phase 3:The Great Adventure

  • Competitive Gaming (PVP, CVC)

    Player v.s. player, Clan v.s. Clan.

  • Token Sale

  • Play to Earn system

    Build, design, decorate, share, buy, trade, play... any way you can imagine to build your personal wealth in MomentX.


Phase 4:To the MOON

  • Tokenomics

    With real-world token utility, In-game utility, staking, and governance, we will maximize the opportunities our users have to participate in the MomentX ecosystem.


Supported Blockchains